April 19, 2013

Award Season...Sunny and Awesome

Good day, Sunshine! The Beatles tune by that name came to mind when I received a message that my blog had been nominated for a Sunshine Award. I was honored to receive this sunny surprise from my blog friend, Ian Cochrane. Thank you, Ian! An Australian writer, photographer and traveler, Ian blogs about the people he's met and the places he's seen in Australia and around the world. He is a talented storyteller with a keen eye for architecture and a style reminiscent of the writer, Ernest Hemingway. Ian Cochrane: Writer

This was followed shortly by three more award nominations. Two from my blog friend, Donna, the Epically Awesome Award and Liebster Award, and an Epically Awesome Award from my blog friend, Jon. Thank you, Donna and Jon, I am truly honored!

Jon's blog is called Speaking My Mind and he does so unabashedly with frankness and humor. He encourages people to speak their minds as well, even if you don't agree. A lively exchange of ideas. Jon roots for the underdog and that is a plus in my book! He's an avid fisherman, outdoor enthusiast, excellent photographer, writer, and family man.

Donna (aka CrazyMama and MisAnthropy) of Can't Keep It In No More is funny, irreverent and uncompromising. A single mom raising 7 children, she blogs about teens, sex, celebrity rehab, whatever is on her mind, and she twitters with God. No sugar-coating here, she keeps it real. Donna has been one of my biggest supporters since I began blogging and had just a handful of followers, and I appreciate that so much. 

Then More Awards: As I was wrapping up this post, I received a Liebster Award from Patricia at Patinspire. Patricia is a full-time cardiac nurse, mother, and an inspirational and motivational writer. Thank you, Patricia!

And a Wonderful Team Member Readership Award from Melanie of Mother of Nine. Melanie raised nine children on a hobby farm in Canada. A humorous and joyful writer. Thank you, Melanie! 

The Sunshine and Epically Awesome Awards have similar rules and I will post about those first, followed by the other awards. Yes, I am doing
all this in one blog post. And yes, this will be a long post! So grab a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of wine (red is my choice!), or whatever is your pleasure, sit back and enjoy the read. Hopefully, your eyes won't glaze over before you are done. :) Thank you in advance for reading,

Part 1: Sunshine Award and Epically Awesome Award
The Sunshine and Epically Awesome Awards are given as recognition to inspiring bloggers by other bloggers. The Sunshine Award asks for seven facts about yourself, and the Epically Awesome Award asks for 10 facts. Don't worry, I am not posting 17 facts here lol! I will post 10 random facts, followed by the rules and awards.

On the movie set in Jamul, California, years ago.
(I made this outfit myself and I rarely sew!
Still have it.)
1. Years ago, while living in the San Diego area, I had a bit part in a low-budget movie directed by a novice filmmaker. I moved away before finding out if the movie was ever produced. The script was about an aboriginal tribe having an unexpected encounter with space travelers from another planet. Had lots of fun doing it, whether or not it ever went anywhere.

2. Born and raised in New Jersey, I moved across country by myself to California when I was 27. I've lived in Southern California (San Diego area), Northern California (San Francisco), Washington, D.C., and Maryland.

3. I was named after both of my grandmothers: Madilyn (spelled Madeline), and Rose (Rosa). I never knew my grandma Madeline, my father's mother, because she died before I was born, and I hardly knew my grandma, Rosa, my mother's mother, due to family circumstances.  Growing up, I appreciated having a first name that no one else had in my class.

4. I attended the first co-ed residential state college in New Jersey, Livingston College, part of Rutgers University. (Prior to establishing Livingston as a co-ed campus, the State University of New Jersey was Rutgers, all male, and Douglass College, all female.)

5. Just the way I thought of the Beatles tune as soon as I read the message about the Sunshine Award, reading certain words will often prompt a tune in my head. I love all kinds of music: rock, jazz, blues, folk, classical, zydeco, country crossover, world music, alternative music, on and on. Don’t play an instrument, and whether I can actually carry a tune is debatable, but I love to sing anyway!

Honey bee pollinating sweet basil in my garden.
6. When I was a child, I was fascinated with insects and nature. I'd capture various bugs in jars and look them up in the encyclopedia before releasing them. I saved unusual rocks. I followed bees and butterflies around the yard watching them and drawing pictures. Now I just follow them around with my camera.

7. My favorite pastimes are writing, reading, blogging, photography, walking my dogs, gardening, hiking, listening to music, traveling, going to art, history, and science museums. 

8. I like dark chocolate and red wine. Dislike peanut butter (especially with chocolate).  

9. Although I love the mountains and deserts (especially when cactus and wildflowers are in bloom), my ideal place to live would be near an ocean, where I could smell the salt water and feel the ocean breeze. 

Plaque at Iron Works site in Massachusetts
10. My roots (on my father's side) trace back to 1652 in America. I am a direct descendant of James Leonard, who came to the Plymouth Colony from England near Wales to begin the first successful Iron Works Foundry. Descendants of James Leonard settled in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. (Discovered this cool info a few years ago when, through genealogy research, I connected with a previously unknown cousin who published a Leonard family history.)

Awards and Rules:
I am awarding both the Sunshine Award and Epically Awesome Award together as a combined “two-awards-in-one award.” To my Nominees: I put both awards together in a new Awards Collage I made, so you can just copy/paste this one double award image, if you choose to post it. By combining both awards, I am perhaps messing with the awards fabric of the blogosphere. That I have done this will come as no surprise to Sr. Mary Margaret from parochial school who’d often tell me, “Young lady, if you do not follow the rules, you will create chaos.” Well, rules messed with, chaos created, and may I toast a glass of wine to you, Sr. Mary Margaret!  

Honorable Mention to five outstanding blogs previously nominated. All Awesome and Inspiring!

Annie Off Leash: Annie is an exceptional writer with a humorous, heartfelt and delightfully irreverent perspective on life.

Aphorism of the DayReflections on all aspects of life written in a delightfully poetic and whimsical style.

Channeling HippocratesMusings on life, love, womanhood, and medicine from a very creative artist, doctor, wife, and mother. Kris is a fabulous writer with an engaging style.

Diary of an Internet Nobody: A self-described aging hippy from Devon, England, Dale's blog is a wonderfully eclectic mix of humor, general musings, and photography.

My Life in Sweden: Alexandra blogs about her life in Sweden, the food, the traditions, and her beautiful dog named Lisen.
My 10 Award Nominees for the Sunshine and Epically Awesome Awards...in alphabetical order. An eclectic and inspiring mix of blogs: (I hope you'll stop by and visit these excellent blogs. More nominees in the Liebster Award.)

Can’t Keep It In No More: Donna (aka CrazyMama and MisAnthropy) is funny, irreverent, uncompromising, and real. A single mom raising 7 children, she writes about teens, sex, celebrity rehab, whatever is on her mind, and she twitters with God. Thank you for the award, Donna!

Fear No More...A Day in the Life: A journalist and freelance writer, Michelle blogs with openness and honesty about the personal challenges she has faced in life, and her experiences as a woman, mother and triathlete.

Human Without God: A true individualist and free thinker, Yun Yi writes about life with thoughtfulness and refreshing candor. There are also short aphorisms and book reviews.

Inspired by Gabriel: Gabriel’s blog of his life journey is thoughtful and reflective with discussions on seeking out the positive when faced with hard times in life. There’s also an interesting music section I like.

Life Cycles: The Truth and The Evidence: Neil, an Australian writer, former management consultant and psychologist, has written a fascinating, well-researched book (winner of 2 Finalist USA Book News Awards) on how everyone’s life is influenced by rhythmic 12-year cycles. His blog examines the lives of well-known individuals, past and present, showing how Life Cycles applies. Anyone can apply this theory to their lives. 

Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom: A mom and former Indie musician, Linda writes with a wonderfully dry wit reminiscent of comedian Larry David.  Every Monday she hosts “I Don’t Like Mondays Blog Hop,” a great way to link up your blog, meet new bloggers and gain new followers. (Linda gets extra points for being a Jersey girl!)

My Writing Life: Julia is an avid reader, passionate writer, a mom, and a creative spirit with an inquisitive mind (I like that!). She’s also the poetry editor of the Southern Pacific Review. I’ve recently discovered Julia’s blog and very glad I did.

My Wyoming Adventure: Kristina blogs about her life as a wife and mother in the beautiful, scenic state of Wyoming. Her blog has stunning photos, fascinating bits of local history, and entertaining stories about her family and pets.

One Grain Amongst The StormAn inspiring writer from India, U.S. Pandey’s blog has heartwarming stories and monologues on life, as well as photography, poems, and book reviews. 

Rum-Punch Drunk: Thought-provoking blog from a British writer with a knack for presenting topics that can really stimulate conversation and the free flow of ideas. Plus, he has a wonderful sense of humor.

"Two-awards-in-one award." Sunny and Awesome!
Nominees, please pick up your double award! Even if you don't do an award post (and believe me, I understand the time involved), you may take your award; you deserve it! For those doing the award post, here are the rules:

1. Display the Award image in your post.
2. Link back to the person/blog nominating you.
3. List random acts about yourself. Since I am passing out a combined "two-awards-in-one award," via my awards collage, you may list anywhere from 7 to 10 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 bloggers and link those blogs in your post. Notify the nominees.

Part 2: The Liebster Award...and more

Thank you, Donna! Thank you, Patricia! I am truly honored. The Liebster Award is given as recognition to up-and-coming bloggers with fewer than 200 followers (and to drive ‘em crazy answering questions made up by the awarder lol!). Rules (yep, there are always rules):

1. Display the Award image in your blog post.
2. Link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
3. Post 11 random facts about yourself.

4. Answer 11 questions from the person giving you the award.
5. Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer
6. Pass the award to 11 bloggers with fewer than 200 followers and link them in your post. Notify the nominees.

Since I already posted 10 random facts above, I am adding one more fact to make it 11 for the Liebster Award...Fact: Before I ever had dogs, I had cats. First cat was Roger, a beautiful all-white stray tom who found the food I put out for him very inviting and kept coming back.

I am nominating the following outstanding blogs for the Liebster Award, followed by my 11 questions for the nominees, and that's followed by my answers to Donna's questions and Patricia's questions for me...whew

OK, if you're still with me at this point, it's probably time for a second cup of coffee or glass of wine. :) 

Award Nominees for the Liebster Award...in alphabetical order: 

Angelika’s PhotographicSketchbookA talented and creative photographer based in London, Angelika's blog has a stunning array of photographs from aerial views of clouds to urban street scenes and parks, using various effects in color and black and white.

Can’t Keep It In No More: Awarding again to Donna. Well deserved! Plus, now she gets to answer my questions, too lol! :)

Evidence of BevAn empty-nest mom, grandmother, and nurse, Bev blogs about life topics, food, and photography. She often cooks up delicious and healthy recipes from whatever she has on hand and posts about it with pictures.

Heartbeat of a Simple Common ManThoughtful blogger from India with an interesting perspective, Dhaston writes about everyday issues we can all relate to. I enjoyed (and agree with) his latest post on politeness.

Jon Waters: An aspiring author and blogger, Jon is a health-nut in a good way! He writes knowledgeable on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Inspiring quotes too.

Larks Notes This: A mom with a young daughter, Larks blogs about parenting, civil discourse, politics, and food. Her writing is smart, straight forward, and fun.

Lucy Chen’s Art Blog: Lucy is a talented artist and her blog features her art as well as work from other artists. Vincent Van Gogh is her favorite artist. Need I say more?!

Magical Mystical Mimi: Mimi is an excellent writer, a thoughtful and very creative lady, and her blog is fun to read! She will follow you back and leave great comments. 

Meg on the Go: Meg really is on the go, a married mom with two active teenagers! Meg is an excellent writer, and she blogs with wit and knowledge about her passions: baseball, history, theatre, sports, and more.

My Morning Cup: A mother of grown sons and now stay-at-home mom to one dog and one cat, Coffee Lady blogs about whatever is on her mind in a low-key style fueled by glorious caffeine.

The Monkey Bellhop: Very funny and entertaining, John’s blog will make you laugh! Definitely worth a look-see, and he’s just written a collection of humorous stories. (Plus, he was born in New Jersey, extra points for that!)

Honorable Mention...More excellent blogs worth checking out: 

Assorted Thoughts From An Unsorted Mind:  Big D blogs about music, movies, books and comics. Very entertaining!

Eva Tornado: Beauty and fashion from a very creative Russian lady living in Portugal.

Introverted Art: Ana is a very talented and expressive artist. Her watercolors are especially lovely.

Meanwhile, Melody MusesMelody’s blog of beautiful poetry, art and photography.

Robert’s Blog of Hilarious FunniesVery funny jokes and pictures!
My 11 Questions for the Nominees. As in the other awards above, I completely understand if you don't do award posts. Just know that your blog is appreciated! 

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
2. What is your favorite quote or saying?
3. Given a choice of various restaurants, what type of food would you choose?
4. Do you have a favorite movie from the past year?
5. If you had the chance to meet one person for a day, who would it be?
6. Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?
7. If space travel was as common and safe as traveling on an airplane, would you go?
8. If you had a time machine, would you go to the past or the future? Why?
9. Do you have a bucket list? If so, what three things are at the top? ?
10. If your life became a movie, what actress or actor would you cast in the starring role as you?
11. Do clowns scare you? Would that prevent you from going to McDonald’s? (OK, just having fun here…lol!)

Answering Donna’s 11 questions for me (cleverly hosted by Mother Goose):
1. Why did Humpty Dumpty sit on a wall? Because falling would be a crack-up!
2.  Do you know the muffin man? He’s that Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman who came to my door.
3. Was the mother who tied the cradle to the bough ever arrested for child abuse? No, because the cradle was on the bough but the baby was in the sling.
4.Was the crooked man straight? It took a lot to straighten him out.
5. Why did the old lady swallow a fly? Protein!
6.If she cut their tails with a carving knife, why didn’t the three blind mice run away from the farmer’s wife? Because they couldn’t see what they were doing.
7. If Jack Horner was a good boy, why did he sit in the corner? He liked to draw on corner walls.
8. Why was Mary quite contrary? She lost an argument with Bo Peep’s sheep.
9.Did the black sheep ever suffer from self-esteem issues? Nope, they were confident they had lots of wool, three bags full.
10. Did Little Bo Peep ever do a show? Oh yeah, lots of Peep and Sheep shows!
11. Aren’t you glad the questions are over? You have no idea! lol!


Answering Patricia’s 11 questions for me:
1. What is your favorite movie? “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
2. Who was your 1st love? The boy I met at a carnival when I was a young teen.
3. If you could go back to when you were 10 years old, would you change anything? I’d convince my parents that I should have a puppy.
4. What part in what film would you love to play or be? The part of Meryl Streep in “Out of Africa,” in her love scenes with Robert Redford.
5. If you could be any one person for a day, who would it be? J.K Rowling
6. What food do you like best? Italian!

7. What is your favorite number? 3
8. Your favorite music CD? The Traveling Wilburys Collection
9. What car do you have? Ford Escape
10. Do you have a PC/Laptop or Phone for your internet use? Most definitely.
11. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Not as many as I’d like.

Last Award: Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, received from Melanie, a humorous and joyful writer who has raised nine children on a hobby farm in Canada. Thank you, Melanie!
Anyone reading my blog may take the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. You deserve it (especially if you read through to the end of this long post!). Feel free to post it on your blog…and there are No rules, No questions, No random facts. Tossing out the rule book here! Enjoy your blogger award.

Awarding this to Everyone reading my blog!



  1. Phew, I'd say that was a three-glasser, and no mistake. Thanks for the mention Lil, and congrats on your haul of awards.

    1. My post sure was a three-glasser, Dale! I believe it took me three glasses of red wine just to complete it, LOL! Thanks and I was happy to give your blog a mention.

  2. Nice answers JerseyLil. Thank you for the awards. I was an extra in a movie too. It's called, "Vice Versa," with Judge Reinhold and the kid from, "Wonder Years." I think his name is Fred Savage. Congratulations on all your awards. You deserve them and more!

    1. So cool that you were a movie extra in “Vice Versa” with Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage (I remember him from the “Wonder Years,” I used to watch that show). I’ll have to find that movie and look for you. :) Glad you liked my answers and thanks for doing the award post. Congrats on your awards too!!

  3. Wow JL. Congratulations!!!
    What a cracker of a post.

    Thank you so much for your kind words re: my writing & Hemingway. (Such high praise is indeed humbling.)

    Although a long time writer, I am relatively new to blogging. You JL, have been quite a friend since I arrived in this wordy realm; open and warm. & yes, in many ways I feel we've trod a common path.

    Thanks also for these great additional blogs to browse.
    Cheers, ic

    1. Hi Ian. “What a cracker of a post,” I just Love those Aussie expressions! Thank you! :) Your blog has quickly become one of my favorites. Your gift for storytelling really does remind me of Ernest Hemingway. In many ways we have trod a common path, I agree. In my lists of nominees and honorable mentions, there are a few writing, photography, and art blogs you might enjoy. Cheers to you as well!

  4. Congratulations on all those well deserved awards! Thank you so much for the award nominations. I love the picture of you on that movie set. Sounds like an interesting topic for a movie. lol.

    1. Thanks, Kristina, and your award nomination is well deserved! Working on that small movie set years ago was fun, and I needed a random fact with a pic like that to get folks to read my very long blog post! :)

  5. JL, it is lovely to see several rainbows simultaneously at your blog and I am sure you have earned each and every pixel of those colours. I guess I need to return to enjoy the full import of your epic post.

    I am grateful for the glow of sunshine sent my way!

    1. That’s very kind, Uma, thank you! You have a wonderful blog and I’m so glad I recently discovered it. Yes, your award is a richly deserved ray of sunshine for you!

  6. Replies
    1. You are very welcome, Robert! Love those funnies you post.

  7. Love the handmade outfit - now THAT was a true adventure! Wonder what happened to that movie???

    1. Thanks, Melody! It really was an adventure, and even though I don’t care for sewing, I enjoyed making that outfit for my part (I still have it!). :) I’d love to know what happened to that movie too. In California, there are many budding filmmakers and aspiring actors, and not a lot of funding to go around, so sometimes projects never get off the ground. I lost touch with the filmmaker but perhaps one day I’ll find him again.

  8. Congratulations on your Sunshine Award, Epically Awesome and Liebster Award, maybe I should say congratulations on all your awards JerseyLil. You truly deserve them and now I've got my coffee in bed and can't wait to read more about you.

    Wow, an actress. That must have been so interesting, you should try to see if you can get a copy somewhere if it was produced. You'll never know unless you try.

    Thank you so much for thinking about me for a double award. You have been a faithful reader and someone who comments regular on my blog and I truly appreciate you. You also named some of my favorite blogs in your list, and I will also be checking out some of the other blogs you mentioned too.

    The 11 answers you gave (Donna) were also very funny. I must remember to eat more flies. Anyway, have a lovely day, another coffee will do me fine.

    1. Hi RPD, thank you! If you’re reading this with your morning coffee, you probably needed two or three cups to get through this long post! :)

      I took drama classes in high school and have a Thespian Award for 4th place in a state competition. Although I didn’t go to California to be an actress, when this opportunity came along, I thought it’d be fun and it was. There are many aspiring filmmakers in California so not all film projects make it into production. Occasionally, I search for that filmmaker, maybe I’ll find him one day. Even if the movie was never produced, I’d love to get a copy of the footage.

      You absolutely deserve the double award! The discussion topics you present on your blog are very thought-provoking and I thoroughly enjoy commenting on them. I appreciate that you have been a faithful reader of my blog too. Glad you liked my answers to Donna’s questions. Yes, flies for protein LOL!

  9. Madilyn, I believe you surpassed the Academy Awards in all your honorable mentions. A true testament to your love and interest in other people. You deserve all the awards you get and more. I absolutely loved the photo of you in that sexy handmade costume. You can wear it for me anytime. So glad to have found you here in the cybersphere.

    1. Thanks, Marty! I find so many different blogs interesting and had a difficult time choosing just a few, so I decided to include more by creating honorable mentions. Delighted you liked my costume for the movie! I still have it. :) So glad to have found you here in cyberspace too. I hope your honorable mention brings more readers to your outstanding aphorism site!

  10. Madilyn, congratulations on all your well-deserved awards! I enjoy learning more about you. Your blog is fascinating and your personality shines through it. Thank you and I look forward to more interactions.

    1. Hi Julia, and thank you for your wonderful comment! I am so glad I found your blog and you deserve a double sunshine and awesome award. :) I realize your blog is not set up for doing an award post, but I still wanted to acknowledge your excellent site. I look forward to reading more of your interesting blog posts!

  11. Sorry, I made an error. That was simply a fantastic post Madilyn and you deserve the "Outstanding Blog Community Member" Award! Wouldn't it be just great if we could all meet up for coffee somewhere? I bet we'd all get on like a house on fire. By the way you looked great on the movie set. What a buzz! Finally, I couldn't help myself when you mentioned how much you like music, which for many years was my main creative outlet www.myspace.com/neilkillion/music

    1. Hi Neil. No problem about the error, I removed it. Thank you for your great comment. :) “Outstanding Blog Community Member” Award, I like it, that’s very kind. Your fascinating blog deserves a double award and I hope the mention here brings more readers to your site. Yes, it would be great if we could all meet up for coffee someday. Doing that movie was lots of fun, thank you! Excellent that we share an interest in music. I seem to recall that you are a songwriter as well as an author. I will definitely check out your music site on myspace!

  12. First of all, Madilyn, that's one helluva a glamorous picture, hand-made outfit and all! Love, love, love it!!! Secondly, congratulations on your well-deserved awards. I look forward to each and every one of your posts, and I cannot wait for what's to come (hint, hint...the grey rabbit express). I enjoyed learning all the tidbits about you, and I already know that we have a lot in common. Thank you for the honorable mention, BTW. I'm so glad that we've become friends, and I echo Neil's sentiments about wishing we could all meet up for coffee. Wouldn't that be something?

    1. Thanks, Kris, I always appreciate your great comments! I still have that handmade outfit from the movie set. On the left side, you can just make out a faux fur bag I made that hung from my belt. In the picture, I’m doing up my hair with matching hair ties I made. Don’t sew normally (and I’ll probably never make a costume again lol!) but this one time was fun, and I really enjoyed doing the movie. Ah, those were the days! And more posts of those fun days when I get around to writing about the grey rabbit express! :)

      Your honorable mention is well deserved. I love your blog and your short stories. We have discovered that we have so much in common and I’m so happy we’ve become friends, too. I like Neil’s idea about wishing we could all meet up for coffee. Now, that would be something special!

  13. Congratulation for all your awards!

    1. Thanks, Yun Yi! :) I really enjoy your writing and your choice of topics, as well as your fine poetry and art. Your blog deserves a double award and I hope the mention in my post brings more readers to your site!

    2. Madilyn, you are too kind!

  14. Thanks Jersey LIl for the award and the wonderful shout out! xoxo

    1. Hi Linda, you are very welcome. Your award is well deserved! Love those Monday Blog Hops you do every week! :)

  15. This is awesome JersyLil! Well worth the wait. Not only did you list some really cool and interesting facts about yourself, like the fact that you are a movie star, you really went all out on the whole post. I love the fact that you did the honorable mentions. It's always so hard to pick your list, there are so many great blogs out there.
    Thanks for coming by to let me know. You deserve the the awards, love the way you write, you take great pictures, your honest and real, funny too. So good on ya'... Bask in the glory!

    1. Thanks, Jon! I’m delighted that you enjoyed my random facts, and really appreciate your comment. Well, I wasn’t really a movie star, I just had a bit part lol! I believe I have surpassed my capacity for award posts with this one. :) It will be a long time before I do another one but I had fun doing it. I decided to do the honorable mentions because I like so many different blogs and didn’t want to be confined to just picking a certain number.

      To be called “honest and real, funny too,” is the best compliment I could receive and I love it, thank you!

  16. Congratulations! And, for the nominees, best of luck! Lots of great blogs on the list.

    That is AWESOME that you were in a film, regardless if it was produced. What a fun life memory! And, you look FANTASTIC!!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Charlene! :) It was many years ago now but it was loads of fun!

  17. This is simply Awesome, Jersey. Its very detailed and organized.

    It happened to visit your blog today, you got excellent pages here. Enjoyed my time reading your post, going through the pictures. Following your blog now :)

    Inviting you to have a look at my blog and leave your valuable comments.

    1. Hi there and thank you, I really appreciate that! So glad you're following my blog now and I'll be coming by your blog and following too. :)

  18. Madilyn, I must apologize for not showing my gratitude for your nominating my blog. The truth is, I did not really read your post, all I did just a glance and thought there must be no business of mine (I never thought I would deserve anything as such) so... not to mention, I also had energy problem so I often could not go through long post. But reading it again today, I found your beautiful picture and your movie star adventure in CA, then more thrilled to see that you nominated my blog.
    I truly appreciate it! You are the most beautiful and kind person I've ever met in my life, online or offline:-)

    1. Thanks so much Yun Yi for coming back and reading my post again. In truth, I don’t think most people read through my entire post, it was just so long (because I was stubbornly determined to get all the awards and associated facts into one blog post lol!). Your nomination was well deserved! And thank you for your kind words too, they meant a lot to me! I’m very glad to call you my friend. :)

  19. Congratulations and congratulations and congratulations!!! What a wonderful moment. Oh well done! Hope you enjoy your awards they were given to you from people who care.

    1. Thank you, Angelika! :) And I hope mentioning your blog here in my post will bring new readers to your excellent photography site.

  20. I am glad to know that you have received so many awards, keep it up.

    1. Why thank you! :) And thanks for stopping by.

  21. Thanks so much for the nomination! And congrats to all the awards, you certainly deserve them! :p You have such a lovely blog here, so warm and frindly. And of course I especially absolutely adore your doggy posts. :p

    Have a wonderful weekend!