March 14, 2012

March Trivia: Fun Facts and Fables

  • The Daffodil and its smaller cousin, the Jonquil, are the official flowers for March. Among the first flowers to return in the Spring, daffodils and jonquils represent rebirth and new beginnings. 
  • March was named for the Roman god of war, Mars. Originally, March was the first month of the Roman calendar until Julius Caesar changed it to the third month. Why did Caesar change it? Perhaps he had an argument with the god of war after losing a battle and said, that’s it, Mars you’re not first on my calendar anymore!
  • Speaking of Caesar, the Ides of March (March 15th) is one day he should have stayed in bed! Ignoring those gloomy warnings from the temple soothsayer to “Beware the Ides of March,” he went to the Roman Senate that day and was prompted stabbed 23 times by his former friend, Brutus, and a group of conspirators. (23 times…I mean, really, guys, wasn't that overkill?!) So the Ides of March has come to be known as a day of betrayal.
  • The patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, is honored in March…a good excuse for all the Irish and Irish-at-heart to party all month! (Pass around more of that green beer, please!)
  • The saying “Mad as a March Hare” comes from the behavior of rabbits in March, the beginning of their breeding season. The male rabbits run about wildly, acting crazy, even having boxing matches with each other, competing to see who will win the affections of those cute female bunnies!
  • March is National Peanut Month. Good for those little peanuts getting their own month!
  • The aquamarine gemstone is the birthstone for March.
  • Yellowstone became the world’s first National Park in March of 1872.
  • Did you know that March is National Noodle Month? Yes, to eating lots of noodles!

There you have it! Fun stuff you did and didn't know about March.

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