March 17, 2012

Irish Dogs and the Blarney

Coco O'Dog and Roscoe O'Dog
Top o’ the Day from Roscoe O’Dog and Coco O’Dog! We’re taking over JerseyLil’s computer while she’s busy eating Irish chocolate to wish everyone (cats too!) a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Dogs are fond of St. Paddy. He chased away snakes from Ireland, and we chase reptiles and critters, too!

Have you heard the tale about the Irish dog named Lucky who came upon a leprechaun on a glorious St. Patrick’s Day? Lucky, a handsome canine with a toothy grin and keen sense of smell, sniffed out a leprechaun while digging around for dog bones. Excited by the thrill of the chase, Lucky ran after that leprechaun, over hill and dale, until he cornered the wee trickster at the end of the rainbow and got his paws on the pot of gold.

That’s right, Lucky found the pot of gold! Then he unwisely bartered with an ornery Irish squirrel who claimed to have a nice stash of dog bones hidden among the acorns. The squirrel grabbed that pot of gold from Lucky and ran off, chattering away and waving his blow-dried tail behind him. There was no stash of dog bones to be found. Lucky had been tricked…by a squirrel! That old squirrel was full of the blarney!

Feeling down and about to bark at someone, Lucky walked over to the Watering Bowl Pub to drown his sorrows. Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw it…a glint of gold. Curious, he sniffed around and Praise Be to St. Paddy, there was the pot of gold! The ornery squirrel had scurried over to the Pub to celebrate with a pint of Guinness, scurried off and left the gold behind! So Lucky got his paws on that pot of gold again…that Lucky Dog!
And that’s no blarney tale!

May your dog bones be plenty; May your troubles be few.
May the paw-fect good fortune of the Irish Dog be with you!

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  1. I love this story! The squirrel got what he deserved!!!! lol

  2. Coco O’Dog and Roscoe O’Dog thank you!!